Don’t Bet On Trudeau’s Promises

For Trudeau, words are just a game. He promises all he wants—without ever following through. It’s time for real change.

Clean Drinking Water On Reserves

In 2015, Justin Trudeau promised to end all long-term drinking water advisories in First Nations by March 2021. It’s been six years—and he’s nowhere close to achieving that.

Clean drinking water is a human right. It’s unbelievable and unacceptable that Trudeau has not followed through on this basic necessity.

Universal Single-Payer Pharmacare

Universal pharmacare was a big part of Justin Trudeau’s campaign in 2019—in fact, it has been consistently promised by the Liberals since 1997. 24 years and we’re no closer. 

Millions of Canadians struggle to afford their medications. We need a better system now.

End Wealth Inequality

Trudeau promised a wealth tax during his 2015 election campaign—but once he was elected, Trudeau caved to Bay Street lobbyists, and the Liberals immediately voted it down. 

The ultra-rich must pay their fair share and contribute to our essential services—like the rest of us . The burden should not be on people who are just trying to make ends meet. We need a leader who will fight for everyday Canadians—not their billionaire buddies.

Actually Fight Climate Change

Trudeau continues to promise action against the climate crisis. Instead, he’s consistently given out fossil fuel subsidies and consistently missed climate targets.

The Liberal government can’t even meet their own insufficient emission reduction targets—initially set by Stephen Harper. It’s clear the real action won’t come from Trudeau. We need a leader who will actually fight for our planet.

Ban Conversion Therapy

Conversion therapy is horribly outdated and cruel. Justin Trudeau promised to ban the practice—but hasn’t.

While some cities have banned conversion therapy themselves, it’s completely legal across most of Canada. Trudeau has not only let LGBTQ2SI Canadians down, but put vulnerable young people in dangerous positions—we need a leader who will stand up and fight for human rights.

Vote NDP. The real progressive choice.